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Transformational gratitude is a mindset

Happy Masterpiece Monday, amazing people! I believe that I’ve made it clear that I am in a season of all things new in my life. The new brings disruption. It brings a shift concerning just about everything and it challenges my perspective daily. I know that I’m not alone and that some of you reading this can relate. It’s necessary to share with you one of the key strategies that has been keeping me grounded, transformational gratitude. There are certainly times when we’ve all had transactional gratitude but there is a difference. Transactional is about subtraction and addition. Transformational is about multiplication. Some people approach gratitude as a transaction. When they have added up enough good things going on, and after subtracting for the bad things, then they will be grateful. Others begin to understand the transformational aspect of gratitude: They learn to experience and express gratitude regardless of the conditions around them - good or bad. The more that I practice transformational gratitude the more I have to be grateful about. It’s a practical strategy that is good for your mind and your spirit. I am challenging you to disrupt any form of agitation or discomfort that presents itself, reframe your perspective, and begin to practice transformational gratitude as a Masterpiece should. This type of gratitude is also the breeding ground for joy and peace. It’s a mindset!


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