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The Golden Time of the Day.

Hopefully we’ve all had a weekend that afforded us opportunities to have very hearty laughter, thought provoking conversations, really good food, family time and lots of time doing the things that we love. After all, , that’s weekends were made for. Now that we are in expectation of the work week beginning, it’s time to prep for purpose. Pause Netflix and close that Amazon browser for goodness sakes! Sunday evenings is a great time to become motivated and get rid of any distractions that might put a damper on us being extraordinarily productive this week. Do you have a list of things that you can accomplish this evening? No. Well, I’ve created a list of things for you to consider. Thank me later 📷

  • clean the fridge

  • chop up the fuit

  • meal prep

  • put the wool sweaters away (I guess lol)

  • pack up the items for the mission or shelters

  • clean the junk drawer

  • set an alarm to make that appointment in the morning

  • decide which days this week will be for the gym and which will be home workouts

  • pack your gym bag

  • blog or journal about your weekend

  • call the one you’ve been avoiding so that it doesn’t hang over your head all week, it won’t be as bad as you think

  • iron for tomorrow or for the week if you’re feeling ambitious (I’m never that ambitious)

  • make a list of things that you need to accomplish this week

  • start your grocery list

  • last but certainly not least; make prayer and meditation apart of every day

Being great takes preparation. What we don’t realize sometimes is that these littles things linger in our mental space and cause us to be distracted from our purpose. I am definitely checking some of theses things off of my list this evening because I know that I have extremely busy week ahead of me and I want to be proud of myself at its completion. Let’s not allow procrastination to rear its ugly head.

Being prepared in this sense doesn’t guarantee that distractions still won’t come our way but what it does guarantee is that we’ve done everything in our own power to establish a solid and firm footing. It will give us peace of mind that we can make the moves that our purpose is calling us to. Preparation is like a piece of weaponry that we can use against the war in our minds. It combats and destroys negative thoughts. Let’s be prepared. Let’s be purposeful. Choose peace! Your purpose requires that you are prepared.

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