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Carlette suffered the greatest loss of her life in 2020 after the unexpected death of her husband. Consumed by grief and confusion, she knew she had to rethink her plans for the future and create a new "normal" way of living. But how could she even get through another day when she felt all alone? To help make sense of her grief, she began to write her thoughts down. Journaling reminded her that she was never alone, and that God was taking care of her through her tragedy. Journaling helped her find the encouragement she needed to keep going day after day and aided in her formulating a new future plan. In time, a devotional journal was created that is now meant to be shared with others who have experienced or are currently experiencing loss in their lives. The Masterpiece Mindset is a 31-day devotional meant to help others realize that they are God's masterpiece, and to remind them that they, too, are never alone in their grief. Day by day, Bradley encourages and stays with the reader to help them: Look for the small things God sends their way Count their blessings and express gratitude Let go of trying to understand grief Reclaim guard duty of their hearts Know who to forgive on their healing journey By the final day, readers will begin to feel the change in their mindset. Anyone who is suffering will be able to begin taking inventory of their plans and reclaim their futures. They will feel encouraged to overcome challenges with the godly perspective necessary to deter the depths of despair. Reading through this devotional and implementing the action steps will assist any reader to think about their circumstances through a new lens and to actively begin to operate from a masterpiece mindset.

The Masterpiece Mindset 31-Day Devotional

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  • You are going to expereince thoughts and prayers directly from my heart. Thank you for your support and continued prayers. 

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