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Who restores you to that place that you need to be?

Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved! Have you ever been restored to a place that you didn’t know that you needed to be restored to? It provides a different kind of joy; the kind of joy that’s hard to define but is vividly described by the personal experience. Seeing these beautiful souls at the end of my work week last week was the exact medicine that the doctor ordered. Never underestimate the need for like-minded people in your life; even if it is for a moment. The need is great but there are few that can fill the role. Be encouraged to connect with the Masterpieces in your life this week. Destroy the “I don’t have time” mindset and make the time. You need them and they need you just as much. Be diligent about restoring your soul. This type of mind shifting restoration brings about impact and will give you the energy that you need to continue to empower others. Allow this week to be a week of healing and restoration.

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