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What will you do with your quiet time?

Happy Masterpiece Monday, beautiful people. It’s a good day to have a good day and to strategize in the quiet. Living in this “announcement culture” we can easily be tempted to live out loud all the time when most of what we accomplish successfully is done in silence. Don’t fall victim of the pressure to be seen because of the highlight reels that we are bombarded with. Don’t be anxious if your achievements seem to be hidden now. Being hidden or working in silence can feel like an oxymoron in this society of “in your face” announcements. But much like film, there is much development that happens for us when we are hidden. Allow the beauty of your process to take its time. Learn from the lessons. Master your craft and enjoy the comfort of silence. Hiddenness prepares us for the moments when we are visible. What will you do with your quiet time?


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