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What is life without others?

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people. There were plenty of friendsgiving and celebrations this past weekend and it was such a pleasure to see people. I found myself really appreciating the long hugs. It was almost like time stood still and I just melted into the embraces. In an amazingly divine way, the hugs, smiles, and laughter restored hope and brought healing. Although we must do it with masks on and frantically using hand sanitizer afterwards, I’ll take it. So, on this week on Thanksgiving I implore you to take it all in. Use technology to connect. Stand outside of a window to share smiles and laughter. Gather outside in garages to convene while social distancing. Do what you must do to safely uplift one another and bring forth community and fellowship. Shift your mindset from faith to fear. Don’t allow fear to consume you. I pray that everyone will be transformed and that your minds will be renewed so that we all will readily recognize what God wants from us and quickly respond to it. From one Masterpiece to another, give thanks.

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