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What do Mondays mean to you?

Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved. I have a confession to make. I’m shocked to realize it but I’m actually starting to appreciate Mondays in a greater way. It has become the day that allows me to re-set my priorities based on how I have prepared for the week. Sundays are my prep day and the day of contemplative action. Monday has become the day that I test my own growth theories and the day that I push myself to practice what I preach. It’s the day that I celebrate what I’ve accomplished and how I have made room for what is to come. The celebration encourages me to do more and to be better. I’ve shifted my mindset and changed the narrative all together. Gratitude will help you to do that. It truly is a Masterpiece Monday! How do you set the tone for Mondays? Are you having trouble getting motivated? It’s time to change your perspective. Schedule your free 30-minute Mastermind session and let’s talk preparation and strategy.

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