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Time to switch it up

Some of you are feeling like your creativity and your motivation has left the building. You are on the hunt for it and exhausted from trying to find it. I have come to remind you that it never left. You are waiting for it to manifest and it is waiting on you to invest. Where has your focus been. Are you spending time with your gifts or have you put them on the shelf hoping that they will activate by osmosis? Beloved, it doesn’t work that way. We must nurture our harvest. It is necessary to court and develop your gifts. We do not expect to be able to withdraw from an account that we have not made deposits into, the same principles apply. It is time to switch it up. Get busy planning your next move. Focus on what you can control and don’t you dare quit! You have not lost your creativity or your motivation, your lens needs adjusting. Get to work! #creativity #motivation #invest #focus #nurture #harvest #switchitup #plan #nextmove #dontquit #adjust #gettowork #themasterpieceproject

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