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Time to refuel?

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people! It is a great day to be grateful and to evaluate your momentum. Is it time to refuel your reason? As people of purpose, we never forget our “why”, but we will at times need to refuel it. Let’s face it, life can show up and swoop us into a whirlwind of busyness and before we know it, we’ve lost our zeal for purpose. How do you refuel yours? Is it time to unplug for a day? Need to listen to an inspiring podcast or read a book? Should you call your mentor today and get the push that you need? Or my personal strategy, is it time to spend a few days giving back? Whatever methods works for you, make it happen Captain! Get busy refueling your reason. Your purpose is waiting on you. You are a mindset disruptor. You are a Masterpiece!

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Ernestine R. Smith
Ernestine R. Smith
Jun 07, 2021

I thank you so much for that nugget of wisdom Sis. I really needed to hear that. Just got a new book and was trying to make time to start reading it. I have a really busy week a head, Dr's appt, Dental appt, Gym and the Lord's things. So Friday, I'm shutting everything down, cut the phone off and read my book without feeling guilty. Amen. And thank you again. Big Love Stine.

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