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The Game of Blackjack

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people! If I can be honest, I could use a couple more days, but I am grateful and I am showing up to own my day and my week. While I cannot control everything that takes place, I can certainly adjust my mindset accordingly. Will you join me? The date 2/1/21 made me think of the card game blackjack. The point of the game is to outsmart the dealer without going over 21. Card games require strategy. You have to count the cards, pay attention and take risks. To outsmart the one dealing the cards takes skill. You lose some and you win some. Every hand your goal is stay below a certain number. Do you see where I am going here? If you want to succeed in something you must have strategy. You must study, pay close attention to detail, and take the necessary risks. You must expect setbacks but use them as come backs. You must set goals and be determined to meet them. You must have a winner’s mindset. You must play the hand that you’ve been dealt. As you think about your week ahead, apply these principles. Remember that no matter what happens, you have the winning hand because you are a Masterpiece! Have a wonderful day on purpose!

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