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The bees are teaching us a lesson

Happy Masterpiece Monday family! I am blessed to be sharing with you this morning an observation and discovery. Anyone else been annoyed by the relentless activity of the bees this summer? Just me? Oh okay. After speaking with a friend of mine recently about this annoyance, I decided to do a little research to help me understand what in creation is going on. Well, I discovered a few very interesting facts. There was a lot to understand but for the sake of making this brief, I’ll summarize. Due to their conditions changing, their appetites had to change to meet their needs. There is not enough of what they are used to feeding off, so they have to aggressively go elsewhere. Read that again. Whew! That discovery spoke to me big time. If I am going to be a mindset disruptor and consistently pursue my now purpose, then my desires should drive my habits! Are you with me? Our appetite for fulfillment is a critical driver toward our success. Let’s go after everything that belongs to us this year Masterpieces! Let me help you discover what adjustments need to be made. Contact me for your free 30-minute Mastermind session. Let’s get bee-sy. 😊

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