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Relational Responsibilitu

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people. I pray that your weekend was full of rest and restoration. Notice that the word rest is at the beginning of the word restoration. Pay attention. Make yourself a priority so that you can be the necessary vessel need to pour into others. Per this powerful quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., we have a relational responsibility in society to make sure that others can reach their full potential, are treated fairly, are advocated for, are heard, and are celebrated. If it affects others, it affects you. Are you doing your part? It is never too late. You can start today or start over today. Either way, change must happen, and it starts with you and I. Change the narrative and have a hand in the healing process. After all, you are a mindset disrupter and a person of purpose and you are absolutely a Masterpiece! Have a phenomenal week on purpose!

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