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Productivity Awareness

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people! Last week I mentioned that we were moving forward this year with Faith over Fear and Purpose over Performance. Well, that is still the focus this week and daily we must be aware of the time of day we are most productive. Have sensitivity to your optimal productivity. Notice that I didn’t say your optimal performance. Productivity is connected to purpose and allows for you to connect vision to your output. There is full energy and creativity present when you are being productive. When what you are completing feels like performance, you could perhaps miss out on achieving the greatest results. Take notice of what time of day your creative juices start to flow and use that time of day to produce the project with the greatest impact. Old mindsets would suggest that if we start in the morning and keep pushing through the day is all that matters. We are shifting that mindset and being mindful of our daily output like Masterpieces should. Contact me to schedule your free 30-minute Mastermind session if you’d like to discuss this concept further.

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