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Prayer works!

Happy Masterpiece Monday great people? I pray that your day has started out with the necessary practices to set you up for success. And if you are already not having a good day, it’s okay. Stop. Breathe. Give yourself grace and give it to others too. When my day begins to go left and all I want is for it to go right, there are a few things that I do to recalibrate. I pause, take a few deep breaths, I pray, I get fresh air and when time allows, I journal. I didn’t always have the necessary strategy to keep my peace of mind, but I fought long and hard to discover it and I refuse to give anyone or anything the permission to steal it away from me. I had to learn to shift my mindset. I used to think that if the circumstance didn’t change then my feelings wouldn’t change. I now know that is not true. Adopting the correct perspective is critical to my daily living. I desire to always tap into my power, use my pain for fuel and to walk in my purpose. That’s what Masterpieces do! What do you do when you are not having a good day?

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