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Own it!

Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved. I am a little late getting started with my day but hey, that’s what kind of day it is. I’ve learned not to force things to happen and to not be so hard on myself (that’s a work in progress), and to own my reality. It is a beautiful kind of liberation that takes place when you understand that you do not have to apologize for where you are. We all have our own process and therefore our own progress. I do not get caught up in the comparison trap and/or trying to achieve the picture that society has painted. I declare that I have my own paintbrush and that I make my own unique masterpieces daily – because I am a Masterpiece! Be wise today and give your biggest supporter a pat on the back and tell them that they are appreciated. That person is you. Yes, we should be aware and make improvements along the way but just know that wherever you are, it is purposeful.

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