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Manage Your Accessibility

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people! I seriously cannot believe that we are at the end of March. As I think about ways to continue to successfully pursue my purpose, one strategy stands out for me; to manage my accessibility. Today I want to offer that same advice to you. As more and more statewide restrictions are lifted, there will be the urge to participate in events or gatherings just because. As the world has somewhat adopted to ‘virtual living’, more platforms are popping up everywhere. When you are person of purpose and a mindset disruptor, you must be mindful about every move you make because time is one of your greatest assets. Every platform membership is not a part of the plan for you. Every invite does not deserve a yes. Remember, not only will others have access to you, but you will also then become subject to more of others and all that comes along with that. If you open the door how valuable will it be for you? Or will it be more time of distraction and despondency? Time is of the essence so we must remain strategic.

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Ernestine R. Smith
Ernestine R. Smith
Mar 29, 2021

Thanks Carlette, accessibility can be a blessing and a hinderance for people with a purpose. Accessibility can also become a distraction, when you should say " no " instead we say" yes " which at times it will interfere with our purpose in Christ. So, yes we as God's children of purpose have to learn how to say " no " and keep those doors close when it becomes a distraction. Thanks Carlette, for this nugget of wisdom. Big Love Ernestine🙏.

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