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Losing focus?

Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved! I continue to hear from more and more of my clients that having solid focus right now seems to be a challenge. To be honest, it’s sometimes a challenge for me as well. What we are called to may not always be easy to execute but it is certainly worth it. You are worth it. If staying focused is presenting a dilemma for you then I challenge you to assess what you may be giving your devotion to. Only you know what vision God has given you and only you can bring it to life. Do not allow distractions to become your idol and to draw your attention away from your divine purpose. Shift your mindset from busy to productive, from chaotic to strategic, from weary to at rest. Measure what you are consuming because it will dictate your thoughts and your thoughts will rule your beliefs. 2022 requires keen listening and focus. Contact me to schedule your free 30-minute mastermind session and let’s discuss what mindset shifts need to happen in 2022.

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