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Less wandering and more wondering

Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved! If you are reading this then you have been granted another opportunity to be your best self and pursue your purpose. It is important to remember that while pursuing your purpose you can feel like you are in the wilderness. It is the nature of the beast. It can get cold, lonely, and sometimes scary but if you do not give up, you will build character and see your purpose come to life. Do less wandering and more wondering. Wandering is the result of no instruction and no strategy but wondering is a result of being curious and looking for answers according to the need you want to meet. Wandering will cause you to get lost and to circle the same mountain repeatedly. Wondering will cause you to disrupt mindsets and to reach your point of destination. Which one will you choose?

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Ernestine R. Smith
Ernestine R. Smith
22 de fev. de 2021

This was a good read , Wandering and Wondering. It has given me my though throughout the day in prayer and journaling. This is great food for thought as I set forth ( back on track ) with your help in pursuing my purpose and knowing what God has in store for me. Thank you Carlette. Big Love Ernestine.

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