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Know your worth!

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people! It’s been a whirlwind of celebrations for me over the last couple of days and I am so grateful. I am also grateful for all of the lessons learned along the way. This weekend my reply to an opportunity that did not line up with my morals and standards was an easy NO!

I did not hesitate, said it with a smile, and wished them well. Today, I know my worth. That wasn’t always my story and I’m not ever going back to a life of compromising my standards or allowing others to devalue me. Nope. Not gonna happen! I’m a Masterpiece and so are you! It took several years of disrupting old mindsets that were counterintuitive to my value and purpose. I pray that you are daily empowered through self-love to do the same. Need help as to where to begin? Schedule your free 30-minute mastermind session with me at

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