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Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved. What a weekend I’ve had of #celebrations! It was well deserved for the honorees but it was also time for me to celebrate a bit as I’ve been busy making things happen. However, I am clear that I cannot consume more than I create. Neither can you. Let this be your reminder that there is a creative #genius in you waiting to be unleashed. When we consume more than we create the creativity becomes dull and stale. When we don’t make time for the creator, the creativity suffers. We will risk the chance of losing our inspiration. We must be intentional about quieting ourselves so that the inspiring voice will be clear. Masterpieces create more than we consume. Have a consistent #mindset of #creativity for the rest of the year and watch the results blow your #mind. Are you having a hard time #focusing or #discovering your creative nature? Schedule your free 30-minute #mastermind session with me soon at

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