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Is your consistency constant?

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people! Let’s run this one back from 2023. I read it over the weekend in my memories and was moved at how timely it is. So…I want to advise us all today that we need more constancy in our consistency. The quality of being faithful in our steadfast adherence to the same principles must improve as we pursue our purpose. “In an effort to find who we are, we adopt the suggestion of our surroundings. And when our surroundings change, so do we. Navigating a sea of influences, reacting to a maze of experiences, and exploring a confusing atmosphere of people and relationships. Consistency is difficult and elusive. We can be blown back and forth by the wind. Perspective is the key to consistency. And truth is the key to perspective.” It requires a mindset shift to seek the truth always and we are completely capable because we are Masterpieces! You know the truth when you obey the truth. Remain consistent.

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