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Inner Circle or Outer Circle

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful ones! As I sit here observing the day come into its form, I reflect on how I can give it my best and how can I be better than I was yesterday. I ponder on what my needs are and how I can obtain them. I’ve decided that today and this week I need to connect with my outer circle. We should all have an inner circle and outer circle of influencers in our lives. The outer circle are those folks that think differently than I do and are gifted in different areas. The inner circle are those folks that have similar ways of thinking and that know me best. Since I need to be challenged to accomplish my goals this quarter, the outer circle is what I will connect with this week. Who do you need to connect with to help you shift your mindset? Who can help you be the best Masterpiece that you can be? You are not meant to do it alone. Connect with me to schedule your free 30-minute Mastermind session.

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