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I'm speechless

I still cannot find the words to describe the week that we just endured. The only words that continue to ring in my ear are, Love God and Love people. I do not know what all the answers are, but I do know that loving God and loving the humans that He created will bring healing. It is the kind of love that ignites action that we need. We need more empathy and we need more compassion. I just pray that everyone will begin to do their part and change the narrative. It’s a thought-provoking Masterpiece Monday. Let your thoughts be of peace beloved. Forgive fiercely and love unapologetically. You are a mindset disruptor. You are a Masterpiece. Act like it! #love #god #people #healing #action #empathy #compassion #prayer #thoughts #peace #forgive #mindset #disruptor #masterpiecemonday #themasterpieceproject

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