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Hold onto hope!

Happy Masterpiece Monday beautiful people! I pray that your holiday last week was full of making memories in whatever way was meaningful for you. I am seriously beyond thrilled thinking about what an amazing year 2022 has been so far. Additionally, I am hopeful about the present and about what is to come. I want you to be encouraged to hold onto hope as well. Hope implies waiting and hope requires patience. This week I challenge you to journal daily about something that you are hopeful for. Disrupt an old mindset that was hopeless about something and be bold enough to cancel that narrative. Restoring hope in this area will give you the courage to wait patiently for the change and will empower you to activate your faith while you wait. Hold onto to hope Masterpieces!

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1 Comment

Ernestine R. Smith
Ernestine R. Smith
Nov 28, 2022

Thanks Carlette, this is a very encouraging word for this season along with the word you gave yesterday for Advent. Bless you Elder and CEO of Masterpiece Project. Big Love Ernestine ❤️.

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