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Got Strength?

Feeling exhausted? Could you use more strength today? What’s your morning routine? What are you feeding your soul? Trash in, trash out. What you put in will eventually come out. Our bodies are temples and weren’t created for trash. It may be winter time but your soul may need spring cleaning. I’m not just referring to what you’re eating but referring to all things. What you read, listen to, who you listen to; all these things add up. How clean can you imagine a temple to be? Yes, that is the plan for our bodies. We must keep them clean in every aspect. Get rid of the gunk so that you can hear clearly and prepare for new things. Free yourself up and tap into the power that is within. The strength that you are seeking is already there. Refuse to let the issues of life and of the lives of others clog your eargate and block your vision. We often allow our bodies to be abused by our emotions when in fact we were designed specifically to be a unique receptacle of divine power. You have explosive strength, like dynamite! “Receive a supernatural, strengthening internal deposit of power into your inner man.” You have the power to fight and challenge the status quo. Be great. Be the Masterpiece that you were created to be.

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