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Forgive, and forgive quickly

Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved! I am truly bubbling over with gratefulness as my weekend was full of love, peace, and thanksgiving. It caused me to begin to reflect on how life has changed so much and how it will never be the same. I also reflected on how the brevity of life is so much more prevalent and therefore we do not have room for unforgiveness in our hearts. Unforgiveness stifles our growth and neutralizes our development. Allowing such feelings to fester is like allowing callouses to form on our skin and never treating them. Don’t you dare go into 2022 with unforgiveness in your heart, there is too much at risk. Disrupt old grudge holding thinking and shift your mindset to align with the freedom that you desire to consume your future. Masterpieces, be well mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! Be all that you are meant to be. You are a Masterpiece!

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