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Fear is Defeated

Happy Masterpiece Monday beloved! It is a great day to be alive and it is a great time to conquer your fears. End the long run living in fear and allowing fear to impede your movement will cause you harm. In my adoption of healthy living, I have increased my workout routines to be more intense. I was choosing the modified version for one movement because I was afraid that I could not do it or that I would hurt myself. I wanted to conquer it badly, but I kept talking myself out of it every week. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I tried it in its original intent and succeeded. I was so proud of myself that I cried. The next week fear showed up again and I did not have the mental strategy. I tried the movement with fear consuming me and I hurt my ankle in the process this time. Moral of the story? Remember how you conquered fear the last time and when fear shows up again, because it will, do it anyway but do not allow fear to steal your overcomer strategy. I should have paused and gathered my strategy before I tried the move again. Learned my lesson and fear is still defeated! Do it scared but be strategic. I am still a mindset disruptor and I am a Masterpiece!

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