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Facts vs. Faith

The facts appear greater than what they are when you focus in on them
The facts appear greater than what they are when you focus on them.

The truth is is that the facts will always have the potential to appear greater than what they are because we focus on them. We can't help but to zoom in on them; it's natural. Over the last couple of weeks my list of facts have been starring me in the face to deter me. My list says that I'm too tired, not qualified, thinking too big, moving too fast, not an expert, need some rest and that I can't afford to take risks. But my faith says that I have access to everything on earth, that I can do all things, that there is nothing too hard for God, that if God sent me then HE will supply my needs, that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world and so many other empowering truths that my natural mind doesn't want to comprehend.

I have determined that I will not be spiritually dehydrated. Consistently receiving the water of Gods word is the only way that my faith will remain stronger than the facts. I will saturate and immerse my faith in the word so that I can extinguish every fiery dart of untruth that is thrown at me daily. If I spent most of my life not saturating my faith in the word then that means I have to be all the more diligent in order to fight off all the decades of lies that I believed before. My faith is greater than the facts!

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