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Express Yourself

Happy Masterpiece Monday people of purpose! Have you made it a great day so far? I pray that you have and that you are basking in the glow of your purpose driven life. April is National Poetry Month. Let’s get creative. Shake off the dust of the mundane day to day and tap into your creative superpowers. You might surprise yourself. Poetry is about creative expression and that might be what you need to kick start your momentum. I want to challenge you to sharpen that pencil (or speak into your mobile device) and to carve out your story. Perhaps it is the story of your brand, your aspirations or even your love story. It doesn’t matter the story but what matters is that you believe that your creative expression can make a difference. Go for it. Don’t over think it. Disrupt the mindset that wants to talk you out of it. Take the leap and create a Masterpiece! Contact me for your free 30-minute mastermind consultation.

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