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Discipline produces beautiful pain

Day 4 of The 21 Day Growth Mindset Challenge

Happy Masterpiece Monday family. We've done a lot of great work over the weekend. I am so proud of you all. Our thoughts, language and our strategies have been a part of the shift so far. Today we want to push ourselves in the area of discipline. To some of us discipline is just an awful word. I know that it used to be for me until I discovered that what felt like punishment was beautiful pain. I call it beautiful pain because it allowed me to produce and achieve results that I never thought that I could. When challenges come our way there are certain things that we can be disciplined in that will guarantee that we will be better equipped to control our thoughts and our language and will give us greater ability to implement strategy. I confess that I must be disciplined to get enough sleep (to turn off netflix at a descent hour). It also takes extreme discipline on my part to exercise at least three times a week so that I have all the right brain chemicals flowing. These two areas of discipline for me keep me at the top of my game and keenly alert. What area of discipline do you need to develop or sustain? #discipline #growthmindset #themasterpieceproject

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