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Day 3 What will you Implement

Day 3

We've dealt with our thoughts and with our daily language which both produce challenges as we live with growth mindsets. The more that we aware of them, the more that we can control them. They are within our sphere of control. Our thoughts and our language can produce anxiety, anger, stress, low self-esteem and myriad of other negative things overtime. But since we are using these 21 days to be more aware, we are going to use the challenges that we face every day as opportunities to grow, to develop and to become stronger. We are going to flex our capability muscles because we more capable than we think. Change only happens with action. Today let's think about the actionable strategy that we will implement to overcome the fixed mindset thoughts that neutralize us. Is it prayer? Is it meditation? Will you use the power of the pause? Will you close your eyes for a moment? Will you post positve affirmations all over your desk? What strategy will you implement? Can't wait to hear your brilliant ideas this evening. #growthmindset #challenges #thoughts #language #implement #strategy #themasterpieceproject

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