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Clarity is key!

Day 6

We can all agree that adversity is inevitable, correct? Yesterday's shift was reminding us that challenges or adversity can increase our gratitude and compassion for others. Today let’s think about how they can also help us to gain clarity about our purpose and our priorities. In that space of overcoming an obstacle we inherently begin to let go of things that do not serve our purpose and we begin to organize or days according to current reality. We automatically become mindset shifters. We seek clarity and we receive it. The last professional challenge that I encountered helped me to identify an area that I was not interested in pursuing. I no longer had room for things that didn’t make sense if I was going to successfully overcome my obstacle. I gained clarity about my overall goal and was able to re-prioritize my action steps. What sort of clarity have you gained as a result of a challenge that you were facing? #clarity #purpose #priority #makeroom #overcome #challenges #growthmindset #themasterpieceproject

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