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Beware of Blind Spots

Happy Masterpiece Monday people of purpose and mindset disruptors! Having clear vision is going to be extremely critical as we slowly turn the corner towards Q4. With all that is going on in the world, our responses to such events can create blind spots that we are not aware of. How do we prepare for this? We take purpose inventory often and adjust where we need to. If necessary adjustments are not made in a timely manner, we will suffer setbacks and consequently add to the events in our lives that can cause upset. I encourage you to recruit partners that will help you to identify these blind spots and that will help you to strategize so that you can keep moving forward with the plans to execute your purpose in this season. Be wise in all your decisions and be on alert. You are more capable than you think that you are. Press re-set daily if you must but whatever you do, stay focused!

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