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Are you preparing yourself?

Happy Masterpiece Monday! I have one question for you today. Are you preparing yourself? Let’s say that you were hosting a dinner party for twelve. There is a lot of preparation for your expectation of guest. They have all RSVP’d and you are exciting about their arrival. You are anticipating great fellowship, sharing, laughter and showing of appreciation. Well, guess what? Your blessings have RSVP’d! Are you getting ready for their arrival? What is your expectation. Your preparation will match your expectation. You can anticipate reaping what you have sown. So again, are you preparing yourself? Let that sink in. It is time for a new mindset that matches your sowing. Masterpieces are intentional gardeners. It is reaping season! Contact me to schedule your free 30-minute Mastermind session so that I can help you get ready.

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